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Grief, Trauma, Family Dynamics

Mary Mano is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) who earned her degree from Adelphi University, as well as a Certified Grief Counselor Specialist (C.G.C.S.) who has a decade of working experience in Hospice Care. She has experience in home care, individual and group counseling, and hospital-connected work. Mary specializes in bereavement and loss by supporting clients through their unique grief journey. It is a privilege and honor to assist clients as they process, adapt, heal and re-adjust to life in positive and beneficial ways from loss and continue to find joy and meaning in life.


Mary completed a one-year Military Trauma Training Certificate from Adelphi University and earned a certificate from Marist College specializing in Healing the Military and Veteran Community Through Advancing Traditional and Innovative Mental Health Treatment and has experience in working with veterans. Additionally, Mary has certificates of training in Understanding Grieving Styles, Emotional Intelligence, Changing How We Feel by Changing How We Think, and Calming An Overactive Brain.


Areas of specialty include grief and loss, depression, anxiety, stress, interpersonal relationships, and family dynamics. Modalities and techniques of treatment offered include cognitive refocusing and reframing, communication skills, exploration of coping and relationship patterns and emotions, guided imagery, guided visualizations, interpersonal resolutions, mindfulness training, relaxing and deep breathing, body scanning, structured problem solving, DBT and the Tapping Cure.


With compassion and empathy, Mary provides a non-judgmental environment for clients to feel safe and secure. She realizes people struggle and may exhibit distress and pain in dealing with life’s difficulties, challenges and trials and uses a strength-based approach in her practice. She attempts to empower clients to tune in deeply and have awareness of their own inherent gifts, strengths, and resilience in order to promote positive self-worth and achieve a more balanced, peaceful, and healthy lifestyle.



Mary enjoys being with her family, being outdoors, hiking, gardening, reading, and cooking.

“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them”. Leo Tolstoy

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