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The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center was born when over 20 years ago the program founder, Cathy Anesi, started a journey to transform her own life. While she thought she had successfully created the life she wanted working as an executive in corporate America, her sense of joy and meaning were no longer there.

Her journey of transformation began with recognizing the healing influence she instinctively had on others, and that those experiences of healing where what gave her the deepest satisfaction. She went on to become a helper and a healer. With training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Reiki Master, and an EMDR Therapist, Cathy helped people make fundamental changes in their lives. Whether people had health issues, emotional issues, or needed support in making positive changes in their lives, Cathy was able to help them learn the tools to help themselves.

​With a deep desire to be a force for healing and transformation, Cathy created the Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center in 2010. The Lighthouse brings together highly trained and talented therapists who offer just what Cathy had dreamed—powerful healing and transformation for our clients worldwide. While each therapist offers their own unique style and specialty, they all share a passion for the work they do to help our clients live lives of peace, joy, and meaning.  

The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center continues to evolve as the talented team of therapists come together to share best practices and innovative ideas. Unique styles of treatment are offered-Integrative movement, walking, and live journal are just a few.  The Nest Program, born in 2018, has become one of our most successful innovations at The Lighthouse.  NEST is a unique and powerful family therapeutic approach that has proven to lead families to become healthy and happy.  It offers a combination of individual therapy and family therapy which provides a level of support like no other.  

The Lighthouse therapists all share in Cathy’s vision of being a force for healing and transformation, and are committed to that vision.

Many Blessings

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