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The Lighthouse’s team of therapists are doing powerful work with families with

the NEST Approach

The NEST is a unique and powerful approach that offers a combination of individual therapy and family therapy. But what makes this program different is that each family member’s individual therapist is present in the family sessions. This provides a level of support and shared

experiences with the therapists and clients that moves the work forward more quickly

and solidly than one individual or family therapist can do alone. 

The success of this program is due to a team of therapists that do their own personal work, collaborate closely, and each show up with their individual styles. They themselves are like a family—one that has carefully developed healthy communication, has embraced

the individuality of each of the members, and so can make healthy decisions

that support the wellness of the team and the families they work with. 

This work is especially needed during this time of Covid 19 and quarantine,

as family issues are coming to the forefront with family members being together

in a much more intense way than prior, or ever. The Lighthouse team is available

remotely for all sessions—individual, family, couple’s, and groups. 

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