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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Children & Families, Teens

Lindsay is licensed clinical social worker who uses cognitive-behavioral and creative arts methods in her work to help children, teens and adults manage anxiety, mood instability depression, trauma, family and relationship issues. Lindsay currently works at a local psychiatric hospital; helping children, teens and adults develop strategies to cope with stress and peer/family issues. She loves to facilitate groups and see the magic that happens in a group setting where people connect on similar issues and provide support to one another.

Lindsay’s also specializes in women’s mental health (pre and post natal) receiving certification in 2013 by the Post Partum Stress Center. She counsels women with infertility, miscarriages and post partum depression/mood disorders. She believes no woman should have to suffer alone and is passionate about providing a safe space for this process to take place.

Lindsay holds a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University specializing in children and Families. She has received extensive trainings in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapies, DBT, infertility and post partum depression.

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