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Careers at The Lighthouse

Shining the Light on Transformational Healing One Person, One Family at a Time.

We have openings for Clinical Social Workers!

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          Who We Are

The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center is a group of clinical social workers dedicated to providing therapeutic services for our community in a very unique way.  

Our “NEST” program, which has become the cornerstone of the treatment we provide, has proven to be an incredibly powerful way of working with clients. 


Like the name suggests, our Nests —“A safe, cozy or snug place in which to live or rest;  a retreat”— offer a sense of safety. At the Lighthouse, we hold that safe and secure space for our clients, while getting to the heart of deep and meaningful work.

         The Work We Do

The NEST Program was developed organically over the years, as our team worked closely with our family clients. The unique process supports the individual and family system in a way that fosters personal empowerment, a mature communication style, and supports families through challenging times while offering a safe and secure “NEST”.  

Each individual within our NEST families has their own supportive therapist. The family meetings come together in a multitude of configurations depending on the specific needs of the family. Whatever the configuration, the clients and their individual therapists participate in the family session together. This allows for a level of support and a shared experience that is so powerful. It fosters deep understanding and the healing process. Things can get messy in the NEST, which is to be expected. The messiness is an important part of the transformational process and where we do some of the most meaningful work with our clients. We are comfortable and experienced with the “messy” knowing that with the work we do, it will get cleaned up organically in its own time.


We believe in the importance of self-care. Everyone who enters the NEST learns to take good care of themselves on all levels, to communicate in an honest and candid way, to find the courage to speak their truth, to be open to constructive feedback, and to stand in their power.  When these skills are practiced, the individual and family begin to function at very high levels. They can overcome any challenges that come along and feel connected.


In our Lighthouse NEST we believe in the power of groups. Group work amplifies and speeds up the individuals’ emotional work as it challenges, inspires and supports. We offer many different groups at the Lighthouse to promote healing, in addition to the family NEST sessions (which are themselves mini groups). It’s in the group work that our clients often see reflections of themselves in others outside of their NEST and realize they are not alone in the challenges and struggles they face. 


         Collaborating as a NEST

Each therapist at the Lighthouse is assigned a clinically-seasoned supervisor who can process through challenges they may be having with their clients.  There is a weekly group supervision meeting for practitioners to check-in with each other about our shared families and create individual goals and treatment plans. Collaboration is respectful and the key to our NEST modality. We work very openly and closely with each other. 

We love our clients and the work that we do. It is an honor. We understand fully the courage it takes for our families to show up and be willing to do what it takes to feel better. In order for us to show up fully for our clients, we continually do our own transformational work and engage in our own self-care practices. 

In our NEST you will be assigned appropriate clients reflecting your personal interests and all administrative tasks are handled for you. You are required to learn our online electronic health record system, to check in clients and document your session. And in the Lighthouse NEST all great ideas that align with The Lighthouse mission are supported and appreciated!

         A Virtual Work Environment

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are 100% virtual. Currently there is no plan in place to go back to in-person sessions. However, this could change in the future. You must be comfortable working virtually with clients via ZOOM.  We offer super flexible scheduling—you set your own hours—however, you will be required to attend your scheduled individual supervision meetings as well as the weekly group supervision meetings, and to be available for collaboration as needed with other staff members.  

         Would You Like to Join our NEST?

Currently we are accepting applications for Full- and Part-time Licensed Masters Level and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

We have a great need for therapists who have experience with working with teens and/or a love of that stage of development, and a desire to learn best practices while working with them.  

We also have a need for those who are experienced with or interested in working with men/dads.

You must be comfortable with facilitating groups and/or have a desire to learn.

If this sounds like a dream job for you and you would like to enter the Lighthouse NEST, we would love to talk to you.  Please send us an email to

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