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Personalized Care

Traditional psychotherapy helps clients understand the behaviors, emotions, and ideas that contribute to his or her distress. Clients learn how to understand and identify their life problems or events — like a major illness, a death in the family, a loss of a job, or a divorce — that contribute to their negative feelings and help them understand which aspects of those problems they may be able to solve or improve. Coping strategies and problem solving skills are learned and the outcome is a sense of control and pleasure in life. Individual therapy also delves into past experiences and reveals how those experiences play out in the present. Conscious awareness is key to growth. Individual therapists practice in their own unique way using different methods and modalities.

Play therapy is a well researched mode of psychotherapy for children. Children lack the cognitive maturity to work though their problems sitting and talking. Their creative and problem solving processes happen through play, and playful interaction. The therapist uses specific language and play techniques which facilitate children’s ability to: build frustration tolerance, increase attention span, develop impulse control, learn, communicate, process, grow, express, create, problem solve, develop confidence, and meet their ultimate potential.

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