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April '24 - Book of the Month

In "The Wisdom of Your Body," psychologist Hillary McBride delved into how many of us carry misconceptions about our bodies and offered a kinder, more holistic view of embodied life. Her next book, "Practices for Embodied Living," builds on these ideas by providing practical ways to put them into action.

This book serves as a hands-on guide, filled with prompts, activities, and moments for reflection, aimed at helping readers engage with embodiment. Through easy-to-follow exercises, individuals and groups can challenge societal norms surrounding body image, reconnect with the inherent goodness of their bodies, and fully embrace themselves.

Topics covered range from issues like disconnection from the body, stress and trauma, to sexuality, body image struggles, and dealing with pain or illness. Each section is accompanied by exercises designed to help readers reestablish the vital connection between mind and body.

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