The Lighthouse is in service of bringing health and wellbeing to our community one person, one family at a time.

At The Lighthouse, We Value:

SELF CARE – We believe that the only way to serve our community is to first serve ourselves. We consider ourselves first in every decision we make being sure that we are feeling the best that we can every day. Along with the basics-eat well, sleep, rest, and move-we strive to hold healthy boundaries in our own lives. We respect ourselves. We understand that if we need extra help and support that it is up to us to be sure to get it whether it be with our friends at the Lighthouse or outside.

PASSION – We love ourselves.
We love our clients and we love what we do.

SAFETY AND INCLUSIVITY – Transformation can only happen when people feel safe. The Lighthouse is an environment where all are welcome to express themselves freely without judgement.

CONFIDENTIALITY – What is said at THE LIGHTHOUSE stays at THE LIGHTHOUSE. We honor your privacy and do not share your story unless we get full permission and only for use to enhance and progress your own transformation.

HONEST COMMUNICATION – Growth can only happen when we are honest with ourselves and with each other. We strive for clear, concise, honest and candid communication.

PARTNERSHIP – We acknowledge that each person who comes to the Lighthouse has personal agency. We strive to build thoughtful partnerships with our clients that support them in listening to inner wisdom and moving beyond constricting beliefs. We recognize that our clients are the experts of their own lives.

COURAGE – It takes courage to engage in self-inquiry and the challenging work of being human! We aim to honor this courage in every step of our client’s process.

PEACE – Peace begins at home. THE LIGHTHOUSE is a peaceful, warm and welcoming environment.

INNOVATION and CREATIVITY – We think out of the box and collaborate to design a plan that is unique to each individual using leading edge approaches and forward thinking ideas.

THE TEAM APPROACH – Two heads are better than one. We are a team and we work as a team in order to produce the best ideas that are well thought out in order to enhance growth. We know we are not perfect, however, we learn from every experience and grow from it.

FAMILY – We believe in the family system. The Lighthouse is a family of individuals working to bring health and wellness to the community and planet. We care about each other deeply and we care about you.

UNIQUENESS (ACCEPTANCE) – There are no mistakes. We are perfect exactly the way we are. Each of our practitioners brings his or her own unique style. Our programs are geared to enhance and cultivate your uniqueness. We accept and honor you for exactly who you are at all stages in your transformational process.