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Tue, Jan 05



The Inner Circle: Going Deeper

You’re happy … Ish. Nothing’s really wrong, per se. You’ve got your health. And a roof over your head. People who love you. And all those other things you’re supposed to be grateful for. And you are. Grateful, that is. But there’s just something missing you can’t quite put your finger on …

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The Inner Circle: Going Deeper
The Inner Circle: Going Deeper

Time & Location

Jan 05, 2021, 7:00 PM EST


About the event

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Gandhi You’re happy … Ish.

Nothing’s really wrong, per se. You’ve got your health. And a roof over your head. People who love you. And all those other things you’re supposed to be grateful for. And you are. Grateful, that is. But there’s just something missing you can’t quite put your finger on …

What is the Inner Circle?

For the past three years the Inner Circle has offered a special and safe space for women to connect, be seen, get known, build community, feel supported, get gently pushed, and grow. And now, it’s Going Deeper! The online group has been enhanced with new tools to help participants dive deeper into their personal growth journeys to make more of the changes they long to make so they can tap into their full potential and ultimately to be happier.

Who Should Join the Inner Circle?

On the surface, everything’s fine. Maybe it’s even more than fine. Because on the surface, you’ve done a good job at keeping it all together. You’ve sucked it up. Done what’s best. Took one (who are we kidding–many) for the team. You’ve done it all. Made it work. Played the part. And you’ve built your life to what it is today. But there’s something missing. A longing for something more …

The Inner Circle is for women who want more; women who want support and to be actively engaged in their personal growth. It’s a safe place for women to explore the arc of their unique narratives, get a 360 degree view and clarity on what serves them and what doesn’t, realize they’re not alone, learn from other perspectives, get reassurance, get called on their stuff, and move forward.

Tap Into Your Inner Magic with Tanya

Experience the warmth and power of support and connection in a way you’ve never experienced before.

  • Clarity. Referred to as a “Master Reflector,” Tanya has a special ability to take what each person shares and reflect it back to create a greater level of clarity. This helps participants to hone in on what needs to be addressed more quickly and identify how to move forward with more ease. The language she uses in her reflections takes what each person shares out of the confines of their personal stories into something more expansive, allowing the circle as a whole to see their connections.
  • Secret Weapons to Success. Tanya shares her tools and tactics to help you tap into your Inner Magic, including her new Secret Weapon to Success: The Live Journal. The Live Journal helps you dig in and do the work with Tanya in real-time, between sessions. Easily accessible from your computer and mobile device, it  pushes you to track what’s coming up for you as it happens. Shared only between you and Tanya, the Live Journal helps group participants to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, and allows them to capture moments of truth in their most emotionally raw states in real time (not when they’re emotionally distanced from those moments). This brings the Inner Circle Group to a deeper level of sharing and helps to pinpoint where healing is most needed.
  • Circle of Safety. To move forward you have to get honest. To get honest you have to feel safe. Tanya has a way of helping people get honest about things without it feeling confrontational by creating a Circle of Safety. She’s always empathetic, often gentle but pushes harder when needed, and keeps an eye towards the fact that this human stuff can be messy. Her guiding principle is: “Let’s look at what’s working, what’s not, and where we’re stuck so we know what needs healing and can move on. No judgement––we’ve all got stuff. No shame.”
  • Enhanced Insight. Through the exchanges she has with group participants via their individual Live Journals, Tanya plans topics and goals for each group session. Never exposing any group member without their permission, but always going for the deeper nuggets shared. With this, Tanya illustrates clear links between group participants so that participants can relate to each other and connect through this unique human experience.
  • Transparency. When it enhances learning and understanding, Tanya shares some of what comes up for her or has come up for her in her life. This helps group participants know they are being guided by a human who gets it, and reduces shame. “Shame is the fear that we’re not good enough. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” —Brené Brown
  • The Nudges You Need. Tanya helps the participants to plan and take the next steps from what they share each week by asking: “What do you need to move forward?” This helps to nudge them to take what they learn from their emotions and insights and turn what they’ve learned into action. Those (gentle) nudges participants need are what help to further growth and learning, and ultimately reach goals. “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” —Marie Forleo
  • Accountability. Just by committing to joining the circle has a level of accountability. It’s the kind of accountability you may find that you crave, that you need. Tanya will hold you up to the level of accountability you deserve in order to reach your goals. She follows up with group participants about intentions and whether or not there has been movement towards goals. The Live Journal will also help to keep intentions and aligned actions in check.

Showing up for yourself is the only way you can show up for the rest of the world. And you know deep down inside that you have so much more to share with the world.Are you ready to show up?When:

The group will meet via Zoom for 6-12 weekly/biweekly sessions (see commitment, below) beginning Tuesday, January 5th.


  • Group participants are able to choose from the every-other-week or weekly options, with a minimum commitment of 6 group sessions of the 12. Every-other-weekers can always add sessions as they choose to the minimum 6.
  • Group participants keep a Live Journal throughout the Inner Circle: Going Deeper process.
  • A private Facebook page where participants can get added support and connection from each other is included.


6 Sessions – No Insurance $600 (Includes Live Journal)

12 Sessions – No Insurance $900 (Includes Live Journal)

Add-on Sessions – No Insurance $50 per session

Some Insurances Accepted

Payment Plans Available Upon Request

For more information email or call 915-589-7188.

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