Welcome to the Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center was born, because nearly 20 years ago I started a journey to transform my own life. I had successfully created the life I thought I wanted. I was working as an executive in corporate America – in the intimate apparel business – and I traveled the world, made a place for myself among interesting and powerful people and loved it. But after almost 20 years my love for it started to fade away.

All my life I was always there for people. They came to me with their problems and life issues and I was able to help. I was often instinctively able to provide a healing influence. I realized that those experiences gave me my deepest satisfaction. The person I always knew I could become was going to be a helper and a healer.

I became a Reiki Master. Reiki works with the sacred energy that animates every living thing; learning to sense, harmonize and unblock that energy promotes healing and health. When I give a client a Reiki treatment it has a positive effect on the whole person: the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It provides healing benefits for many conditions, emotional and physical, from lack of confidence to broken bones and cancer.

I knew Reiki would help my clients, but I wanted to have more to give. So I earned a master’s degree and license in Clinical Social Work. My clients get the benefit of both, and each discipline increases the healing power of the other.

I am so grateful my life’s personal journey of healing has brought me to a place where I can help people make a fundamental difference in their lives, one person at a time. Whether people have health issues, emotional issues, or need support in making positive changes in their lives, I can help them learn the tools to help themselves.

And I’ve learned other ways to promote healing. I’ve worked with children and families coping with trauma, poverty or disability. The women’s groups and retreats I’ve led have provided transformational support to hundreds of women. I became certified in EMDR therapy, a discipline that focuses on healing and recovery from PTSD and other consequences of trauma.

My deep wish to find ways to be a force for healing and transformation led me to create the Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center. The Center brings together remarkable healers who have mastered an enormous range of healing modalities. My dream was to create a comforting and supportive place where many healing disciplines are available – and affordable – to all. That dream has come true.

Please take a look at what these wonderful and effective therapists and healers have to offer. If there’s something that intrigues you or sparks your interest please ask questions or contact us. Between all of us we offer many modalities and I am constantly on the lookout for new effective methods. Please review our practitioners, services, and events at The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center. I’m sure you will find help for whatever you need and an opportunity to take your life to a new level of peace and happiness.

Many Blessings,