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How To Transform Your Life In 7 Simple Steps (& Get Unstuck At Last)

It's time to make a change — here's how.

Are you feeling stuck? Are you living a life where you’re not quite sure how you got there?

Although you work very hard to be sure things are great in your life, they just don’t seem to feel that way. You may be going through some big life change — a career change, a move, a new marriage or divorce, a new baby — or you might simply not feel fulfilled.You wish you knew what to do about all this, but the path just isn’t clear. In fact, you're not even sure what it is you want for yourself!

That's where my 7-Step Transformational Process comes in. Many of my clients have worked

through their feelings after a break-up or were able to happily transform their current relationships after completing this process. Others have successfully and painlessly changed careers or become better parents.

It's a tried and true process that will bring purpose, passion, and serenity to your life. Practicing these simple and manageable seven steps on a daily basis, over time, can help you to identify the negative beliefs that are ingrained in your thinking and clear them.

So if you’re ready to experience peace and serenity in your life, have a clear vision of who you are and what you want, and ready to take self-care to a new level, here's how to get started transforming your life to one you only dreamed of.

Follow these 7 steps and start your transformative journey today:

  1. Go "inside."Put a spiritual practice in place for at least 10 minutes a day that helps you look inward. Take the time to sit, relax and breathe. Start with just 10 minutes, and make it a time when you will not be disturbed. Practicing your introspection at the same time every day is optimal; however if that is not possible, it’s ok. You might want to light a candle and play some nice inspirational music. It is totally up to you. Keep in mind that transformational work takes a lot of energy, so you want to treat yourself well during this time and take good care of yourself. Eat well, get your rest, move your body, and be sure to add some fun into your days, too.

  2. Connect with your feelings. Start journaling your life story. Think about the most traumatic times in your life, and write about the feelings that came up for you at that time. Ask yourself questions, like: Are you still emotionally charged by those experiences? What did you make those situations mean about you? What negative belief did you take away from those experiences? (i.e. I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m stupid are a few very common negative beliefs.)

  3. Take the time you need to heal. Really sit with those feelings. Let the feelings come up. When they do, make a note in your journal about where you feel these feelings in your body. This process can feel very uncomfortable; however, I promise it won’t kill you. This is the time to be prepared to watch for resistance. You may want to eat, drink, gossip, shop, work, or do whatever it is that you do to numb your feelings. Please resist these urges. This is a critical point. It can be a painful time, but if you can sit through these emotions, they will pass.

  4. Find the gift in your experiences. Eventually, you will see the gift that you can take away from these negative experiences. For example, I often hear those who were abused say that they have learned how to forgive and have compassion for others in similar situations. I hear those that grew up thinking “I am stupid” were inspired to prove to the world otherwise and now have earned graduate degrees. Some “I’m not good ‘enough-ers'” are helping so many people in the world because they get their feelings of goodness from helping. Really examine how these negative beliefs shaped your life in a positive way.

  5. Surrender — and finally let go. You can do a “letting go” meditation and ask that these negative beliefs be taken from you. You can actually write the negative beliefs down on a piece of paper and burn them. Be creative. You will know you have truly let go when your life begins to shift. Relationships begin to change. Life circumstances seem to miraculously change.

  6. Turn your personal narrative around with affirmations. Create positive affirmations based on the opposite of the negative beliefs you have uncovered, and post them where they are visual to you throughout the day. Read them when you get up, revisit them periodically throughout the day, and read them again before you go to bed. Write your positive affirmations as if it has always been that way for you. “I have always been worthy of love." Or, “I have always felt safe and secure." Make sure they are believable to you!

  7. Create your future. A vision board is a very powerful tool that can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go. Plus, spending time relaxing and searching for pictures, words, colors, or anything that represents or pleases you can become a very meditative experience. The mind relaxes and lets go, and the creative process begins. Once you have connected with the pictures that inspire and connect with you, arrange them on a poster board in a pleasing way. This can be a lovely exercise to experience with some close friends. You might also name your creation once it's done, i.e. serenity, new beginnings, fireworks, etc. Finally, place your vision board in a place where you can see it, enjoy it on a daily basis, and notice what happens in time.

Begin with the first step of this transformation process and organically, over time, the rest of the steps will follow.

Be patient. Stick with it. Your new and improved life is waiting for you.

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