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Practice Surrender

By Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM

Resistance keeps you stuck. Surrender immediately opens you to the greater intelligence

that is vaster than the human mind, and it can then express itself through you. So through surrender often you find circumstances changing.” – Eckhart Tolle

It is human nature to stay in our comfortable stuck places until it becomes too uncomfortable to live there. We have a tendency to resist change at all costs until we can’t anymore. Unfortunately, it truly does take catastrophic events sometimes to get us out of our comfort zones.

Why is it that we oftentimes have to get to the point where we are at our wits end before we surrender? Why is it that we just can’t live a life of surrender? Boy, would it make life so much easier. We try so hard to control the outcomes of situations. If we would just let them be and let life’s trials and tribulations work themselves out, we find that the outcomes are way better then we could have ever imagined. In fact, the outcomes look like miracles.

If you are ready to give up a life of struggle, adopt these four techniques in your daily life and Practice a Life of Surrender:

  1. Only take inspired actions even if it seems crazy. Get quiet and see what comes up-you may be very surprised.

  2. Take really good care of yourself. Don’t succumb to the chaos when life feels really bad.

  3. Watch the negative self talk. When life isn’t going our way, we tend to make it somehow mean something negative about us. It’s not! Let it go.

  4. Seek out a trusted friend or a counseling professional to help you process through your feelings, so the next right action becomes very clear.

Remember: Practice makes perfect. Observe yourself on a daily basis and notice when you are attempting to control the outcome of a situation or thinking that you know best and surrender and allow. See what happens.

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