As we’ve adjusted to our new normal, we have embraced technology to maintain connections and continue to provide clients with the support the need. Meeting virtual or online, especially when you are used to meeting in your therapist’s office, can feel like a daunting change. Many people worry that meeting virtually will somehow be less supportive than meeting face-to-face. But there are many benefits.

Meeting online encourages us to: 

  • Create healing spaces wherever we are. We love creating a healing physical space at the Lighthouse that supports you in your transformation.  We also believe in the importance of everyone finding spaces in their home and elsewhere that evoke a sense of calm.  Meeting virtually allows you an opportunity to intentionally create a healing space in your own environment- whether that be at home, at work, in your car, or outside.  You can do this by setting yourself up with comfortable clothing, props that help your body feel supported (pillows, blanket, etc.), using essential oils or lighting a candle, and letting whoever you share space with (even kids!) know that you are unavailable for the length of the session.
  • Take a break from multi-tasking culture. We invite you to think about engaging in virtual sessions with the same amount of presence as you would when you come to the Lighthouse office.  It can be tempting, especially if you choose not to connect with video, to have divided attention while on a phone session.  We encourage you to silence the alerts on your phone, close the tabs on your computer, and be present with yourself and your therapist.
  • Go deep. Counter to what some people think, meeting virtually can feel just as deep as meeting face-to-face, and sometimes the virtual space opens people to  sharing things they might feel less comfortable sharing while in the room together.

All of our therapists are available for virtual sessions using Zoom and FaceTime, and we are taking on new clients in an effort to help support as many as we can through this difficult time and beyond. Please call our office on 914-589-7188 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.