Jaime is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Integrated Movement Therapist® certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Her approach is creative and compassionate. She invites people to bring their whole, multidimensional selves into the healing process. Jaime is committed to building partnership with her clients, serving as a guide to help you access your inherent wisdom and wholeness. She is committed to anti-oppressive practice, meaning exploring the multiple aspects of our identities- those that experience privilege and marginalization- and how those identities affect our interactions with others and ourselves. Her clients enjoy her authentic, “down-to-earth” communication style, her kindness, and the way she listens attentively.

Jaime found the practices of yoga to be powerfully healing at a time in her life when she felt disconnected from her body, struggled with feeling “not enough,” and felt exhausted from a lifetime of people-pleasing perfectionism. Her yoga practice created a curiosity to learn about healing approaches that honor the connections between mind, body, spirit and community.  Along with conventional psychotherapeutic interventions, Jaime weaves in Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT), a yoga-based therapeutic approach that uses yoga’s philosophical, physical and spiritual teachings to address a wide range of challenges. She challenges herself to make the ancient teachings of an ancient spiritual discipline like yoga accessible, enjoyable and useful for all people in her classes, private therapy sessions and retreats.

What is Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT)?

IMT sessions are facilitated on an individual and group basis for all ages and abilities and include movement, talking, contemplative practices (like focused breathing, creative arts, writing exercises, and games depending on the individual’s needs) and conclude with a period of rest and integration. IMT is strengths-based, emphasizes choice-making, and focuses on supporting you to acknowledge your inherent wholeness and use your inherent strength to greet life’s challenges. Yoga-based therapy like IMT recognizes that sometimes we cannot solely analyze or talk our way out of our struggles and must include the body, spirit, and community in our healing.

Jaime has worked in outpatient mental health and community-based organizations and gained specific clinical training and experience working with people of all ages who face the following life experiences:

PTSD and complex trauma; Feeling lost and “stuck,” Complicated relationships with body & food; Difficulty in relationships, including intimate partner and domestic violence; Sexual harassment, assault, abuse; Adolescence; Anxiety; Depression, Loneliness, Suicidality; Traumatic brain injury; Chronic pain; Racial discrimination and trauma; Professional burnout; Incarceration/involvement in criminal-legal systems; Desire to live more fully within gender identity/expression and sexual orientation; Parents/caregivers of transgender and gender diverse youth