Tanya Cole-Lesnick has been a licensed clinical social worker since 1995. She has extensive experience in both outpatient hospital mental health and private practice settings.

Tanya helps people to address issues related to anxiety, depression, relationships, careers, self-esteem, life transitions, day-to-day habits, and life satisfaction. She works with individuals—adults and adolescents, couples, families, and groups.

Her specialty is in creating a safe, shame-free environment for her clients to share the sacred, very personal, stories of their lives as they explore their own growth and healing. Her primary focus is in helping people to identify and move towards their best lives by getting clear about what does and does not serve them, what the lives they dream of look like, and making changes accordingly. Change, of course, can be challenging, and Tanya supports that process along the way to help her clients achieve success with the transitions they long for. Tanya customizes the work she does with her clients by exploring, through active questioning, what works best for each person.

Tanya received her master’s degree in social work from New York University.


“I am not a “therapy guy” at all. But, I had hit a pretty big wall in my life as I approached my 50th birthday. I was having a great deal of difficulty reconciling my past, and I was stuck in a lot of regret and lack of confidence. Tanya helped me to see clearly how my negative thought patterns were holding me back. She helped me to get over the roadblocks I had set up in my life that were preventing me from moving ahead personally, and professionally. I really responded to her common sense approach to therapy, and it really worked for me that it was very goal oriented – no meandering or navel-gazing, just good, solid work finding solutions to specific problems. She was a very big help to me!”

— John R.

“Over our time working together, Tanya has been instrumental in helping me understand the behavior and patterns of thinking that were keeping me stuck and unhappy in my life. She also helped me tune in to my own gut feelings and encouraged me to follow my instincts and trust my own intuition. I feel much more empowered and confident now that I can recognize old habits when they resurface and know how to manage them. I’ve made huge strides in the past year thanks to our work together and can’t imagine where I’d be today without her help and encouragement!”

— Whitney K.

“Tanya Cole-Lesnick has a reputation in our community as someone who helps families. When we were overwhelmed by a lot of challenges, Tanya worked with us to get through some really hard times. And she isn’t just a great listener, she offered us practical tools to help us cope going forward. In a matter of a couple of months, we had our heads above water again and were able to face, as a husband-wife team, whatever life was throwing at us.”

— Sally and Fred R.