Greg is a licensed clinical social worker and child therapist who treats children, teens, adults and families. Greg uses a client centered, strengths based approach utilizing aspects of CBT, DBT and solution focused treatment. Greg helps his clients challenge negative thinking to foster positive change, assist his clients in providing mindfulness techniques using music and art to reduce stress, and aids his clients in identifying triggers and coping skills to manage emotional distress.

As a child therapist working with children, Greg often takes a play therapy approach to help strengthen the bond and trust of a child to help reduce barriers in treatment allowing the child to create a “safe space” to express feelings and discuss stressors in a nonjudgmental environment. Greg has experience working with children who suffer from academic stress, social stress, family stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and poor social skills.

Greg provides treatment for adolescents and individuals in their early 20’s. Greg assists this age group in identity issues, “failure to launch” (post high school and college), substance abuse, academic stress, social anxiety, depression and post college planning.

Greg also has experience working with adults who suffer from work stress, marital stress, anxiety, depression, family stress and substance abuse.

Greg is a Fordham University graduate and has experience working with adolescents in an inpatient setting; adults with co-occurring disorders; children, adults and teens in a mental health clinic setting; and middle school students in the Lakeland school district.

Greg has interest in music and art with a history of playing drums professionally and working in recording studios in NYC and Westchester County.