Adolescents, Young Adults, Individuals, Couples, Family Counseling, Parenting

Mindy's approach to her therapeutic alliance with clients is warm, thoughtful, interactive, direct and comes with a deep sense of honor. The most critical factor between client and therapist is the connection and trust that gets built over time. These can be difficult times, which can also serve as an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being and live your authentic life; standing in your power.


Mindy’s role at the Lighthouse is both as Director of Client Services and as psychotherapist. 

In her role as Director of Director of Client Services, Mindy assesses new clients to ensure the best fit with a Lighthouse therapist. She also oversees and coordinates our NEST program.

Throughout her long standing tenure as a clinician, Mindy has held executive positions in not for profit corporations, while always maintaining a private practice. Her areas of specialty include a Health & Life Coaching model as well as a Trauma Informed Model of training. This includes working within the resiliency model that allows for personal transformation and growth, which addresses issues related to PTSD including personal trauma, grief and loss.


With more than 30 years of experience, the breadth of life issues included in Mindy’s practice includes coaching, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, parenting, addiction, decision-making skills.


At the core of her practice is active engagement with adolescents, young adults and mature adults, including individual, couple and family counseling. The promotion of personal well-being, peace and overall wellness.