By Mary Ellen O’Brien

Your inner guidance is always speaking to you. The question is- are you listening? It’s always trying to guide you to your best path. It’s the subtle calling of your heart, your gut, your higher self. It’s those brilliant ideas that come to you in the shower or while exercising because your mind is pre-occupied. When you’re not following your inner guidance it goes into recalculating mode where it repeatedly nudges you to make changes. First quietly, then loudly. RECALCULATING.

Top Signs You’re Not Listening to Your Inner Guidance: 

  1. You’re frustrated and wonder if there’s more to life than what you’re living. 
  2. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted. You always feel like there isn’t enough time. 
  3. Everything seems to take a lot of effort as if you’re going upstream.
  4. You’re judgmental of yourself and others. 
  5. You distract yourself with external things like your cell phone, computer, food, TV, shopping, keeping busy, etc.. 
  6. You have a lot of reasons why you can’t make changes right now. Deep down you don’t believe it’s possible.
  7. You’re impatient. You find it hard to focus and your mind is very active. 
  8. You think “once I reach this goal, I’ll be happy” (find the right job, relationship, money, etc.) but there’s always something preventing you from being happy.
  9. You’ve lost touch with the younger version of you that believed you could do anything.
  10. You wish you could be more patient and loving toward your children and/or family and friends.

The good news is that you can learn to tell the difference between your inner guidance and your ego (your fears, doubt, judgement, etc.). At first the voice of your ego is louder so it takes practice to recognize it and disengage from it. You can start by turning your focus inward and noticing what drains you versus what energizes you. Once you commit to more activities that energize you you’ll feel a huge positive effect because you’re finally listening. It’s feedback that you’re on the right track. A common misconception is that you have to figure out the end goal before beginning. However, it’s only necessary to tune in and follow just the next step. Eventually, it can lead to a new way of living so your heart and soul are in the driver’s seat rather than your ego and fear. It’s a subtle yet profound shift that changes everything.

Top Signs You’re Listening to Your Inner Guidance:

  1. You feel confident, fulfilled, excited and alive. 
  2. You have more clarity and your creativity flows easily.  
  3. You’re passionate about your life and the future.
  4. You see the best in others and attract that part of them in your interactions. 
  5. You’re fine-tuning your talents and are expressing them in the world. 
  6. You attract positive opportunities, synchronicity and support from the universe.
  7. You have work-life balance and avoid what drains you.
  8. You know what feeds your spirit and do it often.
  9. You create a self-directed life you love rather than a reactive life based on outside influences.
  10. You manifest your dreams with inspired action rather than a lot of effort.
  11. You’re a positive role model for your children and/or family and friends.

The two lists represent both ends of the spectrum so it’s possible to resonate with some on each list or even vacillate between them. However, you’re either moving toward where you want to be or away from it.  

There are many proven practices that make the shift easier and attainable. I’ve been coaching people to align with their true essence for over 15 years and would love to help you do the same. 

Mary Ellen O’Brien is a Soul Alignment Teacher, Coach & Healer who has developed a unique process to guide Healers and Soul-Centered Practitioners to align with the frequency of their higher self consistently so they can fully own their gifts and amplify their service to others. She holds frequent events at a Cold Spring Retreat House and the lower Hudson Valley area.
(845) 202-1717