By Cathleen O’Connor, PhD

What does it mean to go with the flow?

Depending on how you think about it the meaning might be positive or negative. It might conjure up an image of someone in touch with the cosmic path of life or someone without a will of his own.

Have you had the experience of being in the flow of life – the cosmic flow – when things seem to happen effortlessly? When you are in the flow of life the right people appear; the right opportunities materialize; the next steps open up before you like a magical yellow-brick road.

If you have had those moments then you have also had those moments when you aren’t in the flow of life – when everything feels heavy and like a struggle.

So how can you tell if you are in the flow of life or not?

One important indicator that you are not in the flow is if you find yourself behaving in ways that go against either your values, your own interests or involve other people having to change.

Especially with material reality, things come easily when you are in the flow. So if you are pushing and pushing to make something happen and come up against one obstacle after another, most likely you are going against the flow.

That doesn’t mean that you might not have to work through difficulties even when you are going with the flow. It is important you persevere if the obstacles you face are coming from your own fears and patterns of thinking and behaving. In that case, persevering through to accomplish your goals builds character, self-confidence and self-trust.

Perseverance is different from pushing to make something happen. Pushing has an energy of control and manipulation. And those energies are inconsistent with the energy of flow.

The energy of flow is at work in all aspects of life – in health, relationships, work, finances and in your connection spirit. When flow is present, you feel a sense of well-being and ease.Think of the river – water always flows along the path of least resistance and the metaphor of the river is an ideal one to help you feel if you are in the flow of your life.

This week I invite you to step into flow. Think about one situation in your life and assess your thoughts and feelings and see if your fears are blocking you in any way. If flow is a sense of well-being and ease then notice when you experience that and educate yourself about where in your life you easily move into flow and where you do not.

Most likely where you are not in flow you will find patterns of anxiety, worry, control and rigid beliefs.  See what you learn about yourself this week, shift some patterns, step into flow and see what happens.

With love,