This group, led by Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW-R, is for young adults (ages 18-26) who are about to transition to college, are struggling to feel balanced at college, are transitioning to independence after graduating from college, or are feeling blocked in their efforts to become independent adults. Issues may include intense and/or changeable moods, motivation issues, struggles with managing or completing college, trouble maintaining a job or finding work that has meaning, toxic relationships, destructive patterns, a lack of clarity, self-esteem issues, etc.

This group is weekly on Mondays, 5:30-6:30 pm.

Fee: $50 per group session, some insurances are accepted

Topics are suggested to the group members each week and include things like:

Skills and coping strategies to manage intense emotions, balancing all there is to do, the importance of knowing yourself, limiting beliefs, feeling overwhelmed, acceptance vs. working towards change, highs and lows, etc.

To register and for further information call (914) 589-7188 or email [email protected]

To register and for further information call (914) 589-7188 or send us a message using the form below.