During these scary uncertain times when we’re all staying home as much as possible, many of us are feeling more isolated than ever, while others are feeling so overwhelmed by our families’ needs that we’re struggling to take time and space for ourselves.

Connecting with other women to breathe, share our stories, move towards peace, get support, and redirect our fears to hope, love, and gratitude can be incredibly powerful.

Join Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW-R on Friday March 27th at 3pm for The Inner Circle: Conversation, Connection, and Community.

All you need is access to the Zoom app and the yearning to connect!

What to Expect:

This group is a tool to help us touch on some of what lives inside each of us as we navigate our own personal growth journeys. Here’s how:

  • Connection. This group offers us an opportunity to connect, which is so important during stressful times like these. Not only can this be a meaningful experience during the group session itself, it can also help us to feel more connected in our lives overall. Our capacity for connection gets strengthened by our experiences. 
  • Microcosm. This group is an opportunity to touch on our stories, beliefs, patterns, reactions to others, reactions from others, etc., which reflects our lives outside of group. Staying aware of this as we face what comes up allows us to learn so much about ourselves––a critical part of personal growth. And what we learn allows us to get clarity on what needs attention in our lives.
  • Clarity. Engaging in the group process brings up the stuff you feel fuzzy about, make decisions about steps to take vs. things to accept. Move forward and/or let go as it makes most sense. “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” ––Marie Forleo 
  • Support. Bottom line, we’re all human. We get how complicated each of our journeys are and want our group peeps to be kind to themselves. We offer each other support and reassurance throughout.
  • Get called out on our #$%@. We all have our own #$%@. After connecting and learning from each other, we can reflect on what we’ve learned and see things more clearly, that includes our own BS and being able to call ourselves out on it when it comes up.

To register email [email protected] or call 914-589-7188.

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To register and for further information call (914) 589-7188 or send us a message using the form below.