The global pandemic is taking a toll on our bodies. It’s exhausting to have cricked necks and screen-tired eyes alongside so many changes to routines. Emotions like anxiety, panic, sadness and frustration can manifest in all kinds of unsettling body sensations. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Join Integrative Therapist Jaime Bedard, LCSW, for this Six-Week Online Group, every Friday at 11am, beginning Friday June 19th. Together we’ll acknowledge how our bodies are doing during these trying times and calm our nervous systems and increase vitality. Through conscious breath practices, simple enjoyable movement, and practicing body-trust, we can become more aware of what our bodies are telling us and turn toward them with kind attention.

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With everything as uncertain as it is, I’ve been finding it quite helpful to introduce pockets of structure and predictability wherever possible. Read on to get a greater sense of the structure of our group and what to expect during our time together.

My Intentions:
~That this group is a safe container for curiosity and discovery
~That it soothes anxiety
~That it allows you to feel less isolated in experiences of body shame, body stress, and body confusion
~That you experience moments of calm as well as moments of exuberant vitality and joy
~That you gain greater access to a sense of your own inner authority

Six-Week Series
Together we will move through these six weeks exploring the following topics:

Week 1- The Physical Body
Week 2- The Energetic Body
Week 3- The Emotional Body
Week 4- The Wise Body
Week 5- The Blissful Body
Week 6- The Whole Body

I welcome you to join as many as you can (you might find it more cohesive that way), and also release you from guilt about coming and going as you need.

You can register for the entire Six-Week Session or for the individual weeks you are able to attend. Click here to register.

What Participants Have to Say …

The Body Wise group is an oasis in my week.
– Body Wise Participant

I am so incredibly grateful for the Body Wise group. It has been a highlight and anchor of my week. I am amazed at how Jaime holds space. When we are together in group, it simultaneously feels like a break from everything that’s happening in the world, and being more consciously engaged with what’s happening in the world. We are all encouraged to show up as our full Selves. I leave class every week feeling more grounded and better prepared to face next steps in life.
– Body Wise Participant

Jaime presents the group topics in an approachable way. She balances structure and adapting to what comes up each week. The topics give me something new to reflect on and explore in my body. Every part of me feels better after group. I am calmer, more centered, I feel heard, my body feels looser and lighter.
– Body Wise Participant

I am generally terrified of “being in my body” and this provided a safe space where that isn’t so scary.
– Body Wise Participant

Thanks to Body Wise, I’ve been able to drop in to my body a little more- a concept I am generally afraid of- and I am more present rather than floating through life.
– Body Wise Participant

Before joining this group, my approach to quarantine was just to get through it. And I often felt in a disconnected daze. With Body Wise, I am able to be more present in my body and show up in the world.
– Body Wise Participant

Group Session Structure
Each of our group sessions will follow this general flow:

Quiet Moment (breathing practice/meditation)

Group Agreements

Please consider the following agreements as a way of creating brave space together. They are adapted from Nan Seymour, and her gorgeous practice of River Writing. Learn more at

1. Non-Judgement

We agree to arrive here for the sake of being ourselves without criticism, praise, or apology. We grant ourselves permission to speak wildly, poorly, and even to fail (whatever that means). We share to discover: not to craft, claim, or prove. We offer the inner-critic a break from vigilance. We take respite from the joy-stealing realm of comparison.

2. Shared Responsibility

We agree to take responsibility for the impact of our words, actions, and energy. Together, we will create a community defined by authentic inclusion. We agree that everyone matters, those within this circle, and those without. Everyone. We speak and act accordingly: without racism, sexism, nationalism, abilism, ageism, fat phobia, homophobia, transphobia, or other forms of bias. If we stumble, we will acknowledge our mistakes and apologize. When we stumble, we will stumble toward each other.

3. Confidentiality & Consent

We agree not to retell others’ stories. If we wish to speak with someone about their stories we will ask permission first, prepared to gracefully accept their decline. We will not ask during a session, even at the break or on the way out the door, which is often too soon. We agree not to offer unsolicited advice.

4. Self Care

We agree to take care of our own physical and emotional needs. While we a creating a brave space which is safer than most, we are still ultimately responsible for managing our own level of disclosure.

5. Honesty

We agree to say the truest thing we can say within our chosen level of disclosure. We agree to come as we are. We will do our best to ditch our scripts and worn-out stories.

6. Listening with the Heart

We agree to listen whole-heartedly, without judgement, and with attentive curiosity. When someone is speaking, we will give ourselves over to the luxury of listening without the worry of what to say next. We practice listening in a way that is as open and receptive as the face of an owl. On an inner level, we agree to actively pull for whomever is speaking.

7. Kindness

We agree to practice radical kindness with each other and with ourselves. We will practice including ourselves in the circle of kindness we will be helping to create.

Permission granted to copy and utilize these agreements anywhere and everywhere they may be of benefit! Please cite as your source.

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