The Lighthouse Virtual Retreat:  Honoring Our Truths for a Happier,  More Meaningful Life
Fri, Jul 16 | Zoom

The Lighthouse Virtual Retreat: Honoring Our Truths for a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Time & Location

Jul 16, 6:00 PM – Jul 18, 12:00 PM

About the Event

Let’s Own Our Stories together so we can write a brave new next chapter.

Join Tanya Cole-Lesnick and Annie Bingaman for the Lighthouse’s first Virtual Retreat. 

Experience the power of showing up and allowing yourself to be seen, and share in this 

journey of being human, in the best way possible, with other women doing the same.

The specifics of what it means to honor our truth is different for each of us, although 

the themes are the same—we all have needs, hopes, and dreams. We also all have 

limiting beliefs and other patterns that interfere with those hopes and dreams. 

The more clear we are about what’s in the way the more able we are to heal those 

parts of ourselves so that we can live in alignment, build a life that lights us up, and 

ultimately access the life of joy and meaning that we long for.

  • Retreat Attendee
    +$6.88 Service fee
    +$6.88 Service fee
Here's How It's Going Down:

Letting Go

Friday, July 16th, 6-8 pm

Like a cleanse for the soul we will focus on clearing out toxic patterns from our lives. Through meditation, journaling, and conversation we will identify what’s in the way for each of us and do some deliberate letting go of those things. This process of letting go will help to open us up for Saturday’s Envisioning Session.


Saturday, July 17th, 10 am-12 pm

Through meditation, journaling, and conversation we will be intentional about creating our visions for our best lives. What do they look like, how do we want to feel? We will spend our time together focusing our energy here—owning our stories and choosing our brave new next chapters.

Intentions Moving Forward

Sunday, July 18th, 10 am-12 pm

Through meditation, journaling, and conversation we will focus on how we’ll plan for success in bringing the lives we envisioned on Saturday into being. What are the intentions and mantras we identified that reinforce our journeys towards more alignment? What are the practices we will commit to? How do we see ourselves living to honor the deeper truths we uncovered through the weekend?

Is this the Retreat for You?
  • Do you have a vision of how you’d like to be living your life but you don’t quite know if or how you’ll actually get there?


  • Are you so caught up in the day-to-day needs of your life that by the time you get to thinking about yourself you’re too damn exhausted?


  • Do you feel fuzzy about what having a life of joy and meaning would look like for you?


  • Are you a seeker? Always looking to better your life? Ready to embark on the next chapter but want to get clear about what that next chapter might be?


  • Do you have a harsh inner critic that won’t leave you alone long enough for you to envision a best-life journey? 


If any of these resonate, this virtual retreat is perfect for YOU! Be a part of this beautiful intimate community with other women as we embark on a journey towards better clarity and alignment towards our best lives.

Invest in YOU!

Your investment of $275 includes:

Three dedicated 2-hour sessions designed to help you let go of what’s in your way, envision what you really want in your life, and support to integrate your vision into your life as you’re living it.


Guidance on your journey from two gifted and passionate therapists—Tanya Cole-Lesnick and Annie Bingaman.


Guided meditations that will bring you a sense of groundedness and vision for our journey.


Journaling prompts to uncover hidden gems that will help you touch on deep truths as you navigate this journey.


A special, intimate community where it is emotionally safe to share the deep stuff, you will connect with other like-minded women, and you can know fully that you are not alone.


A retreat tool kit and exclusive gift that will enhance and commemorate the journey, including tools for special experiences of intention for you alone that will reinforce what gets uncovered through the weekend.

Tanya Cole-Lesnick


Annie Bingaman


Woodland Path

By Embarking on
this Journey 

You'll also get ...

Clarity so that you can choose where you put your energy. And when your energy is harnessed on the path that matters the most to you, your journey forward towards your best life will be much more aligned, more on-target.


Faith in yourself and your path as you continue to move forward after our weekend together so that the journey continues. Relief from second-guessing yourself and wasted energy, and a kinder voice to replace the inner critic.


More joy as you start to get rid of the parts of your journey that don’t serve you and increase the parts that matter most.