Equine Assisted Therapy (also referred to as Horse Therapy, Equine Therapy and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy) is a form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses.

Equine Assisted Therapy involves activities (such as grooming, feeding, haltering and leading a horse) that are supervised by a mental health professional, often with the support of a horse professional.

As you spend time with the horse, your therapist will observe your interactions to identify behavior patterns and to help you process thoughts and emotions that come up. Horses help with the healing process naturally because of their innate tendency to mirror your behavior, physical movements and emotions, which help you to be more aware yourself.

The goal of equine therapy is to help you develop needed skills and attributes, such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and self-control. Equine therapy also provides an innovative environment to identify and address a range of emotional and behavioral challenges.

Equine Assisted Therapy Can Help You:

  • Build Confidence
  • Decrease Stress
  • Integrate Trauma
  • Inhabit Your Body
  • Relieve Anxiety & Depression
  • Increase Joy
  • Feel Powerful & Connected

All sessions will take place at Topfield Equestrian Center located in Cold Spring, NY.
To learn more and to schedule a session, call (914) 589-7188