Hi I’m Laura

I am the first person you will speak to when you reach out to the Lighthouse. I will help you to connect with the most appropriate therapist on staff. I always confer with our Director, the founder of The Lighthouse, Cathy Anesi. We have a pretty good track record of matching client with therapist. Very rarely is there a bad fit, however, if there is we are happy to make a switch at any time. I want you to know that we understand that you come to the Lighthouse when things perhaps aren’t going so well. We understand that you are in a vulnerable spot. We want you to know that everything you share here is totally confidential. All the practitioners take this very seriously and so do I. We accept insurance for many of the services at The Lighthouse and I will verify your insurance and take care of all billing matters for you. I look forward to helping you in your transformational process. Be Well

Laura LiBassi
Office Manager