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A Spoonful of Sugar

By Lindsay Sutton-D'Ascoli Songs that my kids request me to play over and over inevitably wind up stuck in my head despite my best intentions to keep them separate. A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins has become part of this repoirte of songs I’ve collected. I’ve realized after listening to the song for the thousandth [...]

Spring Detox

By Alexa Oth, LCSW Ahhh. Spring! The imagery that comes up can only make us smile… sunshine, tulips, children playing and birds chirping. We welcome spring with gusto this year, after such a long, snowy winter. Many of us have been contracting our bodies, minds and spirits since November. That’s what we do when it’s [...]

Relaxing and Releasing at the Ultimate Self-Care Retreat

It was a long winter that seemed liked it would never end, but Spring finally sprung and we celebrated the start of the new season with our Ultimate Self-Care Retreat. In March, Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM held her transformational retreat at the Grail at Cornwall-on-Hudson, perched in the amounts overlooking the beautiful Hudson Valley. It [...]

AAA – Roadside Assistance on the Highway of Love

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R At any point along a couples journey they might find themselves in need of a relationship jumpstart. Deep inside you love each other, but your daily relationship might be fraught with frustration, aggravation, or resentment. You might find yourself in a rut, and wondering what happened to all the love and [...]

Reconnect to You and Your Marriage After Baby

By Lindsay Sutton-D'Ascoli Becoming a new parent is rife with joy and hope of a new life entering the world, but according to research, 83 % of new parents report moderate to severe stress levels associated with their newfound roles (Stamp, 1994, Kleiman, & Wenzel, 2014). These heightened levels of arousal are present in most [...]

Top 5 Tips to Lose Winter Weight and Keep it Off!

By Alison Jolicoeur Certified Health Coach, AADP It’s been a long, cold winter here in the Hudson Valley. Have you found that you’ve gained a few extra pounds? Did you know it’s actually natural to gain a few pounds over the winter? The body instinctively craves heavier foods to help keep in balance over the [...]

Creating Calm Through Cabin Fever

By Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM If you are living in the Northeast of the United States then you have been experiencing some very cold, and snowy weather. There have been many days where schools have had to close or have had delayed openings. You understand how difficult it has been to get around and to [...]

The Fine Art of Forgiveness

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R Sometimes the easiest sounding concepts can be the most difficult to put into practice. Often this is the case with releasing negativity from your life. The idea of ‘letting go’ of hurtful memories is frequently attached to the people who inflicted that hurt. The implication behind ‘Mercy’ and ‘Forgiveness’ is that [...]

February Health Tip: The Buttered Coffee Craze

By Alison Jolicoeur, CHHC AADP There is a delicious way of drinking coffee making the rounds that I have to say; I’m totally hooked! Enjoy the benefits of healthy fats that help to satiate and energize you, as well as make you feel clearer and more focused. It is called Buttered Coffee - a delicious [...]

Surviving Valentine’s Day – A Guide for the Reluctant

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R Let’s face it, not everyone eagerly anticipates February 14th. Whether it is because you are single, unhappy in your relationship, or just don’t like being told when you should be romantic, Valentine’s Day is often the scourge of peoples’ calendars. Instead of wishing your February days away or risk disappointing a [...]