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Too Angry to Love

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW Although some relationships end amicably, many more end turbulently, often with hostile feelings between partners. It is normal to reverberate with those feelings after the dissolution of a relationship; however, working on healing is a vital part of the separation process. Some people are so angry or hurt that they are [...]

A Nail Polish Metaphor

By Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW, PLLC On Saturday my sister-in-law took my girls and me out for manicures. A lovely treat for all of us. I don’t get manicures often, mostly because they tend to dry out my nails and they split after the polish is long gone. But once or twice a year I sacrifice the [...]

What Your Husband Isn’t Saying

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R The stereotypical portrayal of men being bad communicators isn’t really always the case, yet there are some thoughts which many men share about their relationships that they find difficult verbalizing. Starting in childhood, men are often socialized differently from women. As a result actions often replace communication, emotion can be seen [...]

Emotional Intimacy – What are We Really Asking For?

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R Many people ask their partners for a more intimate relationship without really being sure what they want. If you are unclear about what you would like to see change, it is hard to bring about a satisfying result. Emotional intimacy is different from sexual intimacy. If sexual intimacy involves physical closeness [...]

Regression in the Service of Ego

Often in couple’s sessions I speak of the different facets of relationships that act as a kind of glue, holding couples together. I am referring to the things that support a couple’s unity through the adversities and challenges of life. Some of these bonding elements are specific to a particular couple, while others are common [...]

Climbing Out of the Darkness

If asked to associate words or phrases with motherhood, few would use the word darkness to describe the experience but in reality about 1 in 7 women dealing with post partum depression/other perinatal mood disorders. For starters, Post Partum Depression is different than the baby blues which is a normal period of adjustment for up [...]

Vanilla Vinaigrette with Cassia Kream

By Alison Jolicoeur, Certified Health Coach, AADP Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Schultz, maker of Drink More Good, at his new location in Beacon, NY. The store front of Drink More Good reminds me of an herbal apothecary I used to frequent in the East Village many moons ago, lots of jars filled [...]

From Broken Heart to Fresh Start – Tips for Getting Through Your Break-Up

By Leslie Fabian, LCSW-R “Losing love Is like a window in your heart Everybody sees you’re blown apart Everybody sees the wind blow” Paul Simon, Graceland Many people have experienced the hollow feeling that follows the irreconcilable break-up of a relationship.  It is often accompanied by hopelessness or depression.  If you are there, you might feel that [...]