Alexa sees each individual as a whole – as a person with many facets, not just the problems they see stopping them from living a satisfying life. From a strengths perspective, she helps each client to find what makes them feel whole and fulfilled.

Alexa received both her masters and undergraduate degrees at New York University. Before becoming a psychotherapist, she worked as an actress in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, and later became an acting teacher and coach at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, then ultimately trained to practice in the mental health field. Method acting sparked her interest in exploring the depths of the mind and unconscious which lead her to studying yoga, meditation and later hypnotherapy, energy work and psychotherapy.

Alexa’s background in mind body health lends itself to her work with clients, as she believes that mind and the body are inextricably linked, and that painful emotions and trauma are often stored in the body. Through psychotherapy and stress reduction techniques, she allows her clients safe space to explore, as well as learn to understand how to work with the body’s own natural relaxation and healing responses.

Active in the local yoga community, Alexa also teaches Restorative yoga – a type of yoga that helps heal the mind and body. This type of yoga is especially helpful for anxiety disorders.

Trained in family therapy, Alexa has been helping women and couples manage the difficulty of pregnancy loss, infertility and assisted reproduction for several years, through She also works with couples and women struggling with relationship issues as well as both women and men living with patterns of unhealthy behavior patterns, disordered eating and compulsive exercise.